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Mr. Stephen (Steve) R. Chapin, Jr.

Steve Chapin is the owner and founder of JARS, a private equity firm that runs JARS Residential, one of the largest 100% privately-owned and managed multifamily Real Estate Investment Trusts in the U.S. and JARS Capital, a leading technology venture studio.

Chapin served in the Navy from 1985-90 as the Secretary of the Navy’s liaison to the House of Representatives and a Surface Warfare Officer aboard USS Doyle (FFG-39) for two complete tours.  In 1986, he conducted freedom of navigation exercises in the Black Sea while being shadowed by a Bulgarian Frigate. 

In 1987-88 he was also part of Operation Earnest Will, the largest convoy operation since World War II, which required U.S. naval forces to protect Kuwaiti oil tankers during the Iran-Iraq War. He received the Naval Commendation and Achievement Medals for his service.

To begin his business career, from 1993-95 he served as an Associate for McKinsey & Company. He subsequently founded LifeMinders, Inc., an internet database company which he led as CEO and Chairman through an Initial Public Offering in 1999 and acquisition by Cross Media Marketing in 2000.

Mr. Chapin graduated from the US Naval Academy (1985, BS with Distinction), Harvard Business School (1993, MBA with Distinction), and Georgetown University (1986, MA).  He lives in Leesburg, Virginia with his wife Julie and has three sons and one grandson.